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CynCS The power of Era's vocals paired with Cecil beaten down to his knees makes this the most powerful song on the album. Absolutely beautiful composition. Favorite track: Electric (feat. the good witch).
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"nerdcore torture porn" - @jordanlawrence

"As a frontman, Decker does a great job of balancing a different tones and subject matters. There’s a sarcastic and absurdist sense of humor to the group, but they manage to sneak in a lot of meaningful political discussion as well." - Chi Chi,

"What's most surprising is for the record, though, is how quiet and unassuming many of the more experimental tracks are here ... suggesting more of an interest in the full dynamic range of experimental composition than the band's previous work and rambunctious live shows would otherwise indicate." - Kyle Person, Jasper Magazine

"Autocorrect might seem like a musical jigsaw, but it’s a jumble that the group has more than figured out, assembling its varied elements with skillful precision." - Michael Spawn, Free Times

"There’s self deprecation and then there’s @cecilnick & @autocorrectnoiz" - @tribeonewon


released January 29, 2016

Cecil Decker did rapping, drumming, sampling, programming, && like 8 bars of singing.

Chris Johnson did singing, microkorg, OP-1, programming, && performed the blood rites.

Moses Andrews did the bass, singing, synths, haberdashery && generally improved everything by existing

Sean OG Burns did singing, mandolin, guitar, synths, percussion, && a lot of notes.

All word-things by Cecil except these tracks:
Mikal kHill on 3; Tribe One on 3 && 4; the good witch on 4; Alice Wyrd, Jesse Dangerously, && Ahomari on 7.

Patrick Nugent (@thatnugget) did the cover.
Cecil did the inside of the booklet.
Michelle did the outside of the booklet.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Autocorrect Columbia, South Carolina

Autocorrect is a full body listening experience. The sounds therein lead to spontaneous goose flesh, getting woke all up, and contemplating the bliss inherent in suffering.


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Track Name: Save Less, Spend More
we’re not rotting, we’re not dreaming either
we’re living underneath a legion of people
who think a season of giving means that you’ll get another credit card
no way to tell whether leaving a grievance helps at all
cuz no one’s listening or maybe we’re not speaking
maybe it’s even my fault that the rooftop’s leaking
maybe we’re not breathing but leasing all the same
i bet they like that mo money no problems
like that get it on the track done
if you like that better cannonball run
to the loan officer get your home no money down
30 years (sign me up)
[buy it up buy it up now]
don’t look down with it out of bounds
i put that APR on a two-step bounce
and i p-p-p-pitter when i verb the noun
[buy it up buy it up wow]
don’t look now at the last account
with the red lines drawn

get up get up
(don’t want to live like that no more)

i’m gonna k-k-k-kill it til it’s d-d-d-dead
i push my head into the sand for just a little too long
i’m gonna k-k-k-kill it til it’s d-d-d-dead
gonna let it all go wake up let it go
gonna save less spend more -
tried to pirate it but they knocked down my door
gonna give less take more - fuck privacy
wanna be entitled and lie myself to sleep
get up out the chair get up out the office
get up in the air and feel the sun on my face
get up get up
gonna save less spend more
hold up now with the overture I done sold right out well i know for sure
make the choice made it right when i kill my music kill the light
take the sound make it drown hold it down
living in tune with a three piece suit but i never really feel what i know what i want when i
Track Name: Cordite Solstice
mesmerizes, that sexualizes the body
metabolize the organs
and prepares it for courtship

slick rhythms and sentences form appendages
bodily fluids simmer and integers split derivatives
a motion mostly integral to enter languages
with no words no schisms no weightlessness
don’t crank that don’t lean back no running man
roger rabbit’s jerk is worse no fucking humpty dance
c’mon ride that train wobble brain is breathless
pick another round on the slide projector time to die electric
(you) need to ask a better question
(true) or you’ll never learn the lesson
(move) no rest your dance is weaponized
mesmerize the other guy before the light’s fluorescent
turn it up — put the body in the play
came to get fucked — put the body in the play
leave it so rough— put the body in the play
no art here today put the body in the play
Track Name: Overdue (feat. Mikal kHill & Tribe One)
Mikal kHill:
it’s been a long time coming and i think it’s finally here
wave of the wand, it’s that easy poof and you disappear
an invalidated archive of shared experience
so now i don’t have to listen to you rant about how dope it is
just to know you, like that was a real prize, dude.
the only regret i have is i didn’t slap the shit out you
how could i doubt you? i knew you better than you thought
an entitled little monster, highchair tyrant
history repeats until you stop being silent
cut this episode short before the sidetrack turns violent
my oldest friends wound up as my worst enemies
and i don’t even take this shit from my own fucking family
most people can’t stand me, you’re no exception i can see
still you walk around like you won the world trophy
worlds worst whatever. man, i can’t even
the only thing you’re good at is treason and leaving

Tribe One:
i’m probly just as guilty as you are of letting this thing drag on too far
i never imagined life without you playing a huge part
but you couldn’t have cared less and my trying was too hard
so we were a mess way before it all went fubar
and there’s no shooting star to wish it better
by our own admission all this friction is flapping wings of a different feather
i can promise the longer we stick together
only hurts ourselves like masochists in whips and leather
pull this string on my christmas sweater
watch me unravel after having been convinced that we would live forever
but this was never meant to stand against the wind and weather
so though i still love i don’t think i can forgive you ever
you had my example to practice on
and did the exact thing you convinced me was bad and wrong
the exact thing they sing of in the saddest songs
you left and to be completely honest, man, i’m glad you’re gone

there’s one thing I don’t care about
nah, make it two
me and you, it’s overdue
i’m done hanging on to what we were
there’s one thing I don’t care about
nah, make it two
me and you, it’s overdue
take your shit and move along

too true like a venomous tooth caught in a loop
sink deep every little word a who’s who of
our mistakes, shoot it never really was just you
but knowing you is like wearing a suit of snake bites pain is coming real soon
hacking apertures eyes shut from laughter
absolutely we go way back before either of us were masters
spectacular boom-bapular heated arguments and pleading
now a sad rap dap in the middle of the street beep beep gotta leave been real great meeting
go on wit it // i’m doing just fine
go on wit it // hope you’re happy with your life
and it might sound trite and maybe just a little bit bitter
but i really mean it cuz you and me together we’re demons to each other
old friends fuck it old fam if I’m genuine
i know you were there listening when i couldn’t keep a sentence in
but I’m sick of it the slithering the lack of anything but questioning
my decisions a prison of living in the doubt of your friendship
Track Name: Electric (feat. the good witch)
it’s 4am and i am sitting on the edge of the bed
with the last words of our conversation on rotation in my head
and the meds are too low dosage maybe cuz we keep losing focus
and i keep losing sleep and wishing i hadn’t said what i said

but it’s hopeless emotion took over and spoke the words in anger
in an exchange the same as when pandora opened her container
but i can defend you from danger the way the ocean serves the sailor
so just know whatever floats your boat it don’t concern the anchor

we were young in parking lots we were young and making jokes
we were young and making messes mostly as a way to cope
with that front facing camera flipped back to catch the glimmer in our hopes
no ropes holding back when you asked with that

admission of missive i missed it
and this particular tidbit of misery is so delicious and exquisite
intermission inhibited with a wish to bridge the distance
and a list of each suspicion one ellipsis can elicit

wish in one hand drunk text in the other
then in the morning regret everything you confessed to each other
but he’s never impressed unless you successfully suffer
cuz the light leaving your eyes is like a sunset in the summer

ignore the whats and wheres and whens and hows and whys and whos
there are ways of finding out for sure a house is fireproof
so what am i to you? a guide? a muse? and what if i refuse?
and shut myself within this shell you held so tight no might could pry it loose

but i was never more than a distraction
and every form of interaction was more from boredom than from passion
the courtship was imagined i solved the human rubik’s cube
when all i ever wanted was to know what i could do for you

the good witch:
I give you life
our love is electric
Track Name: Nomophobia
i’m on some real shit, that mikal kHill shit
that trill depressing keeps you up late at night shit
i kinda like it if i’m being honest
but honestly that doesn’t happen very often
blink and you’ll miss it F5 on the track now
gotta refresh and get obsessed with lack of thoughts now
we look at top down aesthetics attracted
by a count of the rounds it takes to turn the thread into a black thing
or a manly thing a heritage abandoning
how many page hits grow up from a slandering
a grievous misprint believe us (yeah right)
so i get on my hands and needs and pray down to RNGesus
for a better pattern a bit of luck on the havoc
no dazzler it happens that my feed is just cigarettes
incorrect habits manifested on the beat or ballot
vote purple pragmatic in the last thing

move it over for clickholes and mars rovers
bey and hova’s elevator oceans of distance and fizzy soda water
move it oughta use it for hotter movies
hotter teens and BBCs and free to please on myFCs
give it up or live it up one or the other
have another, a cover for insecurity buffer
reblog another tumblr and drift down to the deep web
and see it that me there i’m sinking i’m sinking i see it
when i’m disconnected i can’t feel you in my pocket
it’s a topic of aggravation can’t stop it when i’m on it
that nomophobia holding up overloading the socket
i’m on just as soon as you write back and
let me know
if you are you
and what’s good for you
good for you

feed my feed
i need a redirect
i need a river awash in piss blood and sex
seed by seed
i’ll plant a revenue
a revolutionary wearing a habit
in esoteric doom

feed my feed
i need an intellect
i need a sliver to toss in piss blood and sex
seed by seed
i’ll plant a revenue
a revolutionary swearing the tablet
is so ahead of you
Track Name: What is a Door?
what is a door?
one staircase —
each more than one before?

thinking aloud and out
sort through the junk
throw out all
the paperwork

around about
the debt you love
aloud and out
finance a shove
Track Name: All Our Progress (feat. Alice Wyrd, Jesse Dangerously, Ahomari)
Alice Wyrd:
Hail you beautiful Inanna
Gift me with your blood like wine
Let me love with fire like you are
Let me walk among your lives

I can feel your chambers empty
I see all your stars align
I’m a top without a center
Spinning out so far from life

See my horns, my raging tempest
See my fangs and cut my line
I’m unworthy of your progress
All our progress is untied

Jesse Dangerously:
i’m not a pretty picture / i am a side of beef
i seek a sigh of relief / i have to die to eat
that’s what a diet means / thank you society
how we try to be / slender and slight and sweet
whenever i compete, the end is in sight for me
that’s why i can’t stand the heat / stifling
never the type to bleed / my gender is white...
say my name quietly / quieter. silently i alright? i mean / what else might i be
don’t ask what might have been / this is it. lie to me.
... / take what’s inside of me
please. / get the good side of me.
cheese! / what a pretty picture.
in the hundred acres, dressed like a city slicker
recipe for pity, slacker and i feel
like you crossed these streams already only backwards and in heels

Why am I such mortal wrenching
Coiling round the egg of time
Cast me off and don’t remit me
Sinking I embrace the tide

Silence speaks
When I’m underneath
Silence speaks
When you’re watching me
I found the light of vice in you
And vice in me
You’re comfortable
When I’m alone beneath the seams

Maybe you’re wasted
And maybe I’m dead
Inside my head you appear to be there
But all that lies infront of me
Are mirrored fears
Cause in the world to you I’m them
to them I’m him
Track Name: L'heure vide
it’s so cold it’s old lumpy and moldy smelling
disintegrating to holes in spots over telling
remarks made over hardships no secrets here left
never undressed it touches skin and tears
it touches everything the light and sound appear from up above
living underneath the dreams a wreath of cotton shrouded dust
it’s lonely and lost the only buzz left is sabotage
it turns to rust it turns gauze it turns into rocks with never a pause
lie awake

syllables linger sitting on the fingertips of these last few weeks
curtains drawn silly quick quips turn to arguments for the light that’s gone
it’s no better with the netflix queue the reach of these screens is thrown and now too
the mattress just sinks the springs are all chewed and spit right back out the laugh is untrue
it’s not happening not now not loud enough to be crowned
the highest tick on the list of shit that’s wrong today

my bed feels so much better when you’re in it
we drift off no cost no loss expended
it’s last call cuz now it’s all wrong
the bed’s half empty
Track Name: POCKETS

(there’s a button at the bottom of a bottle and I just wanna press it hit reset on every goddamn lesson 27 years not one fucking sip but i wanna slip down in that cold black kiss let it all go in a pillar of smoke dress it on up breathe it in choke act like it’s not giving in 
to the thoughts that you in the back of your head)

pick apart another reason that you’re leaving with the turn of a page
write it on off as the changing seasons 
act like a heathen act like you’re breathing fresh air
but you really done did it for the name tag didn’t you
nearly put down everybody didn’t you
too true to the back end codify 
try in a bind to buy happiness

lacking this type it in the wayback—no hits
print off the page now living in a daze
one pattern in a notebook copy and paste
like that every second every minute every hour gone
when you add it all up you always got what you want
but inevitably 
you just
write it all off

(pick a good groove then stick it in your back pocket
i watch you never once moving your circles caught like a coffin —you ride it out then change around)

i’m so fucking lonely but i’m so fucking needy
i know there’s something lately keeping me here tied down and hating
Track Name: so many words
there’s a button at the bottom of a bottle and I just wanna press it
hit reset on every goddamn lesson
27 years not one fucking sip
but i wanna slip down in that cold black kiss
let it all go in a pillar of smoke
dress it on up breathe it in choke
act like it’s not giving in
to the thoughts that you in the back of your head screaming
go go drowning anger set relationships in slo-mo
hold the pain relive it over
and over and over all again
no words can hold back accelerant
let the fire burn live and learn let it go
playing the stats I play it difficult
click send check phone playing difficult
sit in a dark room and scribble manifestos
let it go

so many words
so many dangling
so many words
so many angry words
Track Name: here
“look we are growing out”
said seed under to the dirt.
ready to go?

holding no water for thirst,
dirt said down and looked.
ready to go?

no, I will stay here and hold you up

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