Overdue (feat. Mikal kHill & Tribe One)

from by Autocorrect



Mikal kHill:
it’s been a long time coming and i think it’s finally here
wave of the wand, it’s that easy poof and you disappear
an invalidated archive of shared experience
so now i don’t have to listen to you rant about how dope it is
just to know you, like that was a real prize, dude.
the only regret i have is i didn’t slap the shit out you
how could i doubt you? i knew you better than you thought
an entitled little monster, highchair tyrant
history repeats until you stop being silent
cut this episode short before the sidetrack turns violent
my oldest friends wound up as my worst enemies
and i don’t even take this shit from my own fucking family
most people can’t stand me, you’re no exception i can see
still you walk around like you won the world trophy
worlds worst whatever. man, i can’t even
the only thing you’re good at is treason and leaving

Tribe One:
i’m probly just as guilty as you are of letting this thing drag on too far
i never imagined life without you playing a huge part
but you couldn’t have cared less and my trying was too hard
so we were a mess way before it all went fubar
and there’s no shooting star to wish it better
by our own admission all this friction is flapping wings of a different feather
i can promise the longer we stick together
only hurts ourselves like masochists in whips and leather
pull this string on my christmas sweater
watch me unravel after having been convinced that we would live forever
but this was never meant to stand against the wind and weather
so though i still love i don’t think i can forgive you ever
you had my example to practice on
and did the exact thing you convinced me was bad and wrong
the exact thing they sing of in the saddest songs
you left and to be completely honest, man, i’m glad you’re gone

there’s one thing I don’t care about
nah, make it two
me and you, it’s overdue
i’m done hanging on to what we were
there’s one thing I don’t care about
nah, make it two
me and you, it’s overdue
take your shit and move along

too true like a venomous tooth caught in a loop
sink deep every little word a who’s who of
our mistakes, shoot it never really was just you
but knowing you is like wearing a suit of snake bites pain is coming real soon
hacking apertures eyes shut from laughter
absolutely we go way back before either of us were masters
spectacular boom-bapular heated arguments and pleading
now a sad rap dap in the middle of the street beep beep gotta leave been real great meeting
go on wit it // i’m doing just fine
go on wit it // hope you’re happy with your life
and it might sound trite and maybe just a little bit bitter
but i really mean it cuz you and me together we’re demons to each other
old friends fuck it old fam if I’m genuine
i know you were there listening when i couldn’t keep a sentence in
but I’m sick of it the slithering the lack of anything but questioning
my decisions a prison of living in the doubt of your friendship


from as it is, released January 29, 2016




Autocorrect Columbia, South Carolina

Autocorrect is a full body listening experience. The sounds therein lead to spontaneous goose flesh, getting woke all up, and contemplating the bliss inherent in suffering.

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