hey hey hey there's a little bit of
grey dank space sitting at the front of
my blank mind always wanna one up
disrupt tough decry the upper level while

there’s a devil with yellow eyes that multiply
insidious claws that climb inside
my mind is always mine i think
i try to sync the scene and see the intercut

memories like an old 8mm
don’t blink between the head leader
either there’s a secret eating up the frame
or my memory’s burnt the strip gone decayed

there’s a devil with yellows eyes that multiply
insidious claws that climb inside
try to hide their energy whittling down the sensory
the memory’s an enemy repeating hegemony

(in the evening we returned to leave
and even out the reasons we were being
greedy heathens filthy eating meat and greasy
secrets seeping out of something)


Demons dancing in my head
Screamin' look what you have done
And see how we've won

Fingers laced with liquid red
No one dares to cross my gun
Or risk their ruin for my fun

Bang bang bang the devil's come


from #holdontoyourbutts, released May 5, 2017




Autocorrect Columbia, South Carolina

Autocorrect is a full body listening experience. The sounds therein lead to spontaneous goose flesh, getting woke all up, and contemplating the bliss inherent in suffering.

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