Save Less, Spend More

by Autocorrect



sneet pleeep of new autocorrect record "as it is" dropping on 1/29/16 plus a fun remix of an old favorite



released January 15, 2016

autocorrect did a music.

baby (gabe) america (crawford) did an art picture.



all rights reserved


Autocorrect Columbia, South Carolina

Autocorrect is a full body listening experience. The sounds therein lead to spontaneous goose flesh, getting woke all up, and contemplating the bliss inherent in suffering.

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Track Name: Save Less, Spend More
we’re not rotting, we’re not dreaming either
we’re living underneath a legion of people
who think a season of giving means that you’ll get another credit card
no way to tell whether leaving a grievance helps at all
cuz no one’s listening or maybe we’re not speaking
maybe it’s even my fault that the rooftop’s leaking
maybe we’re not breathing but leasing all the same
i bet they like that mo money no problems
like that get it on the track done
if you like that better cannonball run
to the loan officer get your home no money down
30 years (sign me up)
[buy it up buy it up now]
don’t look down with it out of bounds
i put that APR on a two-step bounce
and i p-p-p-pitter when i verb the noun
[buy it up buy it up wow]
don’t look now at the last account
with the red lines drawn

get up get up
(don’t want to live like that no more)

i’m gonna k-k-k-kill it til it’s d-d-d-dead
i push my head into the sand for just a little too long
i’m gonna k-k-k-kill it til it’s d-d-d-dead
gonna let it all go wake up let it go
gonna save less spend more -
tried to pirate it but they knocked down my door
gonna give less take more - fuck privacy
wanna be entitled and lie myself to sleep
get up out the chair get up out the office
get up in the air and feel the sun on my face
get up get up
gonna save less spend more
hold up now with the overture I done sold right out well i know for sure
make the choice made it right when i kill my music kill the light
take the sound make it drown hold it down
living in tune with a three piece suit but i never really feel what i know what i want when i
Track Name: hearing aid (ppno mix)
i’m not a rapper i’m a post-modern exorcist
chew and spit venom from the solar plexus—header-less
no signifiers are holding the data down
effortlessly switch pronouns hope the beta round goes public
fuck it, I know they’ll never love it
can’t have another kind of lover huddled up for nothing
can’t snuggle up like snuffleupagus they’re stuck up on the naughty bits
a shudder hearts tangled up like a nautilus
mind all in a pad lock i heard it tapped out
these people comment on the news sites all night
they want a hail mary heavy last pass
on the tv on the track and on the feed they keep it at
intolerant hollering like a bigger man is a better man
the louder man wins when he understands a man is a man
and that’s that won’t hear another fact
the last cat to deliver that news was in a trap
but it’s better than the last time

don’t let it be another noise
pushed into the background all the time
keep your ears flush down to the ground
intertwined with all they hear around

ever since i was an infant i’ve never been different
lower middle class white male with all the privilege
that’s hidden in that system codified
and when i listen to my own voice terrified
i’m no better than the news site commenters
trite little monikers blocking behind the monitors
i’ll write a hotter verse but i’ll never be an arbiter
capacitors blown when i see what it oughta been
a little perspective here a little empathy over there
a little reassurance right now that our smiles are sincere
but no put the bitterness on max flow
play the highlight reel in slo-mo to photo your foes
i used to be a troll rolling low on compassion
so it’s not difficult to grow up from last rung
listen close listen all the time
listen especially when you’re feeling least inclined

don’t let it be another noise
pushed into the background all the time
keep your ears flush down to the ground
intertwined with all they hear around